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Assessment Plan

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation will form the basis for a holistic assessment of a learner inclusive of co-scholastic areas like Life Skills, Attitudes and Values, participation and achievement in activities involving Literary and Creative Skills, Scientific Skills, Aesthetic Skills and Performing Arts and clubs as well as Health and Physical Education.


At SCHOOL OF INDIA, we lay great emphasis on a child's all-round development. For us academics is as important as extra-curricular activities. We work towards bringing out the latent talents of our children and hone their skills so that they achieve perfection in their respective spheres. There is a thoughtful balance between teacher-directed work and child-directed activities. Young children learn from everything they do since they are naturally curious. If their explorations and discoveries bring pleasure or success, they will want to learn more. Our children form attitudes about learning that last a lifetime. It is not surprising therefore that our children remain adventurous learners throughout their lives.


An Innovative child-centric approach with an Emphasis on understanding the child; his concentration levels, memory, reasoning & creativity. A system of 'Continuous Informal Evaluation', based on class work, theme-based worksheets and observation sessions is followed by Biannual Results to monitor the child's development. The school follows a non-detention policy in the pre-primary classes.

Primary & Secondary

Learning structured to empower the students to share their thoughts and ideas. The Curriculum is designed to encourage team work. Learning through group discussions, projects as well as hands-on activities and experimentation. Our teachers act as facilitators and guides through the learning process. We follow a No Homework Policy for Classes 1 & 2.

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