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Welcome To School Of India, Bannerghatta Road

We are the refreshing change in education

Welcome to the school that celebrates India, celebrates your child, instils a sense of pride about the country and most importantly, builds a foundation so that your child and our country have a lot more to share with this world. Truly international thoughts, ideas, concepts, people, professionals, philosophies, science, mathematics, art, a way of life and more. Presenting SCHOOL OF INDIA® (CBSE Affiliation Code - 830681), for the next generation of Indians. Inspired by the country that has taught the world. A school where tomorrow's India is born today; Where Nationalism precedes internationalism; Where everyone celebrates India and every student is proud of Being Indian.

School Of India, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore has implemented leading teaching methodologies for the best outcome. The STEAM structure explains how all the divisions of education and life work together.

STEAM = Science & Technology interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements.

It is a flexible interdisciplinary framework promoting a natural approach to learning. With problem-solving, fearlessness, critical thinking and making skills at its core, STEAM is not just a program but a philosophy at the School Of India.


The Five Pillars Of Education At School Of India

Be Yourself, Be Your Best

From The Principal's Desk

Our Principal, Ms. Ramitha Ramachandran leads the school with a defined purpose - to fulfil the school's vision and mission and to impart holistic and high-quality education in multiple ways to all socio-economic classes and nationalities. With the professional qualification of MSc and MEd, Ms. Ramitha has taught both the tiny tots of primary school as well as college students. She has significantly contributed towards the administration, planning and strategising at SOI. We are famously known as the “School of Happiness”, and her approach resonates with this ideology.









What Parents Are Saying About Us

Leading CBSE School In Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

One of the most delicate and important moments in a child’s educational life is undoubtedly the choice of school. Finding the right school for their child, more precisely CBSE schools these days is a major concern for many families in Bangalore, and they can be sure to find a wide range of schools to choose from.

Almost always, the determining factors for this choice are the characteristics of the school and the type of teaching it provides. Parents bombard themselves with a lot of questions like, Which is the best CBSE school to enrol their child in? Which one guarantees the best education and the best school facilities? Which school is best suited to their children’s needs and passions? more and more. Indeed, these questions must be answered as carefully as possible, because the choice of the school is an important step in building a successful educational life for their children and also to planning a positive career for them from an early age.

School Of India, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

School Of India is one of the leading CBSE schools in Bangalore, located in Bannerghatta Road, sprawling across 10 acres with a lush green campus. Our school has a rigorous, dynamic, and progressive academic tradition, with an educational philosophy aimed at training students to learn and improve in a standard-setting. The school is widely appreciated for its child-friendly experiential learning programme, modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art sporting facilities, and above all for its green environment.

The school allows students to explore different activities freely, encourage their enthusiasm for discovery and provide an age-appropriate experience, by clearly understanding how it influences the child's future choices and prospects, as well as their cognitive and personal development.

The school adopts a class composition with a lower student to teacher ratio to pay individual attention and also to test the students' skills periodically to enable them to progress rapidly according to their abilities. Our experienced teachers are well aware of the students' level of understanding and competence and deal with them individually. In the course of their learning, students are required to take different forms of assessment to check whether the objectives set have been achieved. When errors and shortcomings are identified, the teacher regulates and adapts the next learning sequence according to the student's results to help him/her succeed.

Why School Of India?

  • Spacious, structured, and well-ventilated Classrooms.
  • Well-designed labs equipped with all necessary equipment for all Sciences.
  • SMART CLASSES for a unique educational experience.
  • Good Sporting Facilities to provide children-appropriate training for physical fitness.
  • Well stacked library to provide access to information and pursue their passions at their own pace.
  • Cyber Yard to encourage the use of technology with a state-of-the-art computer lab.
  • Hobby Clubs to help children identify their interests and give wings to their latent talent in various areas like art and craft, robotics, organic farming, etc.
  • A separate KG activity centre to make learning a pleasure and ensure proper skill development for the toddlers.
  • Multiple CCTV cameras are put in strategic spots to make the campus extremely safe for the children.
  • "Indipedia", an SOI online sourcebook on India to learn about India and its achievements.
  • State of the art infrastructure with excellent facilities like modern cafeteria, clean swimming pool, outdoor amphitheatre, etc.
  • Waste management programme to teach children how to make the environment safe and healthy to live in.
  • Save Water and Save Energy Day to teach the importance of saving water and energy resources, by conducting it twice a month.
  • The inclusion of foreign languages – French and German. It opens up new chances for the students to be fostered as global citizens and helps them participate in multi-cultural and international student exchange programmes.
  • The best transport trajectory for a safe and convenient commute between home and school. To make sure that the children enjoy a smooth journey, each bus is equipped with first-aid supplies and an attendant.
  • Clean, hygienic, and spacious school canteen for a positive mealtime experience with nutritious and healthy nourishments.
  • Health and wellness initiatives to improve the health and well-being of the children and build a stronger future for them. Counsellors work closely with students and parents to make sure that the child's emotional development is on track.

A good school is first and foremost one that places knowledge at the centre of its concerns. And that’s the reason, to create a veritable collection of future thinking heads, the School Of India always puts knowledge at the heart of teaching. Every day, we make sure that the students are welcomed with utmost affection and care and classes turn to be real workshops where they develop their potential and increase their skills, all by microlearning, experimenting, collaborating, creating and having fun.

Since its inception, School Of India has been retaining the unofficial title of the leading CBSE School in Bannerghatta Road with its impressive reputation and the most prestigious position in Bangalore, all by moulding today the great leaders of tomorrow with a great emphasis on innovative child-centric approach.

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Anekal Road, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka , Bengaluru 560083